Easy Web Design, Donegal we will utilize these weapons to take your business in next level. We will create catchy Facebook Profile | Twitter Profile for your business

Facebook Page Likes:

We will hide your special content behind a cover to encourage visitors into becoming fans of your Facebook page. A “like” gate requires visitors to “like” your Facebook page in order to see the content on a tab. Visitors will pass through the gate to see your valuable content. We can add a “like” gate to any or all of your custom tabs and watch your fan base grow..

twitter-followTwitter Backgrounds :

Spreading word about your business or services via a Twitter account is an absolute must in current days. This not only helps the SEO of your website but also a very useful marketing strategy. Its important for your Twitter background to meet some goals:

  • Displays well on the widest range of monitors
  • Visually conveys what you’re about
  • Contains extra information about you or your company
  • Loads quickly

As leading Web Designers | Web Developers based in Donegal, Ireland we can create your brand and brand presence to enhance the company throughout the social media. Donegal Web Design can create interactive Facebook Fan pages to showcase the products and services and drive traffic back to the main website.

Video: Youtube generates more traffic than Yahoo! We can edit and convert video footage to get the best out of Youtube traffic. Our WEB DESIGNERS based in Donegal, Ireland can incorporate videos and optimize them for your website. Video is a powerful way to get any message across.

Easy Web Design Company in Donegal, Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading Website Design and Development company that specializes in Social Media Marketing and Optimization . Give us a call at 0894558466 with your needs and we would be happy to help.


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